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War Pig vintage built treble booster

War Pig vintage built treble booster

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Built with vintage parts by me here in the UK no pcbs here nearly everything dating back to the 60s including a mullard OC76 transistor, this really is a taste of those golden years.

The unit has only been mildly altered to reduce some of the famous noise that the originals were known for, in addition input switching allows a little more tone shaping, turning this into pretty much a full on boost pedal.

#Mullard OC76 transistor
#Erie resistors
#Mullard mustard input capacitors on a 3 way switch
#Vishay electrolytic caps
#Mullard output cap
#Neutrik jacks
#hammond dicast 1590n enclosure sparkle powder coated
#Gorva footswitch
#bourns potentiometer

Combined with the ability to use a 9v power supply your really getting best of the 60s with a modern sprinkle of magic. 

this particular unit is voiced on the dio era iommi sound. Slightly sharper high gain boost. 

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