War pig treble boost custom Painted

War pig treble boost custom Painted

War pig treble boost custom Painted

Here is our now increasingly popular War Pig treble boost but in a custom sprayed enclosure beautiful gold sparkle with a swirl design over the top. 

built in the same style as all of our war pigs this very close copy of the original Dallas Rangemaster is hand built by us here in Cornwall using majority vintage components.

It has halo, Alan Bradley and Erie resistors, Phillips capacitors Mullard mustard tone capacitors and capped with a high gain OC44 transistor. All these parts are from the mid 60s to mid 70s.


The enclosure is a steel Hammond enclosure painted by Peanut Butter Paint with a swirl design. 

these have a lead timid around 4 weeks. 




What our customers say!

Amazing sounds and really well made pedal, couldn't be happier!! thank you!

Pete Belmore

Brilliant customer service, really helpful. I am so impressed with the pedal it's given me hours of joy

Simon Johns

Brilliant pedal, been playing non stop since I got it. Build quality is great and love the design

Shelly Rogers

Amazing sounds from a really well built pedal, thanks

John Lockwood