About Mustard Guitar Effects

Mustard guitar effects

We are a small business specializing in the building of vintage guitar effects using vintage components, we have sourced  100s if not 1000s of components dating back to the late 1950s to enable us to provide our customer with the highest quality effect possible components finished with the highest standard of workmanship.

Our flagship product, and the first effect that John built and sold is the War Pig which is a faithful but modded copy of the original Dallas Rangemaster. It is this theme of using the original designs and layouts whist adding a little modern sprinkle that has proved incredibly successful.

 We have already taken this ethos forward into new products with the Puss Face and the Mothership both firmly based on the Fuzz Face and Tonebender Professional MKii. We also have in development a Wah as well as an original Fuzz effect designed by John, with 60s components and 60s ideas to give our take on 60s fuzz, we will be releasing these in the coming months so keep an eye on our Instagram and newsletter.