Dallas rangemaster copy The War Pig Treble Boost

Dallas rangemaster copy The War Pig Treble Boost

Dallas rangemaster copy The War Pig Treble Boost

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The war pig has established itself at the very centre of our brand, it has sold in excess of 300 units worldwide to excellent reviews. the War Pig is a direct copy of the famous Dallas Rangemaster Treble boost used by many artists in the 1960s and 70s. described as a treble boost it is more of a boost pedal in its essence and truly a design that once used most guitarists never look back. 

The War Pig is sympathetically modified to give a more usable effect for the modern guitarist, being such a high gain boost heavily biased towards the higher frequency signals, the original Rangemasters were notorious for being noisy when not playing and being an in effect unit i.e. switched on and left on, they required careful use of the guitar volume during passages when the guitar was not being played or being played quietly. our War Pig has this unpleasant side effect of the awesome tone designed out using only components that would have been available to Johns 1960s counterparts. giving a relatively quiet version of the Rangemaster whilst retaining the tone. 

In addition we have a switch allowing control over the frequencies allowed through to thicken the sound making this a truly versatile intuitive guitar effect. they can also be used with a 9v power supply 

As with all our effects these are built using 1960s/70s components 

  • Mullard OC series transistors generally OC44 but we can use OC76 if preferred to give a sharper sound all dating 1965-70
  • Mullard Mustard capacitors dating around 1968
  • Phillips capacitors 1960s 
  • Iskra resistors 1970s
  • Erie resistors 1960s 

Each one build by hand by John or Mike Enclosures painted by the talented Jack of Peanut Butter Paint, no detail missed even down to the lacing of the wiring for a proper vintage effect.


lead time 4 weeks 

What our customers say!

Amazing sounds and really well made pedal, couldn't be happier!! thank you!

Pete Belmore

Brilliant customer service, really helpful. I am so impressed with the pedal it's given me hours of joy

Simon Johns

Brilliant pedal, been playing non stop since I got it. Build quality is great and love the design

Shelly Rogers

Amazing sounds from a really well built pedal, thanks

John Lockwood